There are lots of women out there looking for men so if you think you can’t attract one of them, you are sadly mistaken. There is a woman for every man. It may take a little brushing up to do it, but learning how to attract a woman is not hard. If you have tried before and not been successful, I am sure you are feeling as if it is a lost cause and not wanting to try again.

You do have to change your attitude though.

Just because you have failed before doesn’t mean that you will fail again. Maybe you are looking for the wrong type of woman. You do have to look for a woman that will match your personality.

Watch your buddies real close and see what they say and what kind of actions they take. Try to mock them and their actions if they are finding women like them

Look at the eyes and actions of women everywhere an know the signs that they give. Then you will know what to look for when you meet a woman.

Become a good conversationalist.

It is a lot easier if you are up to date on the latest sports, cars and current events. Buy some books on a subject and study many different things so you will be able to keep up an interesting conversation. Becoming a comic will help you not only when it comes to a woman but it will help you make friends no matter where you go.

If you have a good buddy that might give you some pointers, ask him or her what you are doing wrong. Maybe you have a good friend that you could practice on.

Basically, if you dress neat and lean, be sure your body is clean and there is no body odor. Put on some after shave to smell good. Study up on different subjects and become a good conversationalist. Relax because she is nervous too. Build up your confidence and go for it.

Remember just because you have failed, it doesn’t matter how many times, it does not mean that you will fail again. You will never know what is right around the corner if you don’t try. It just means it was not the right type of woman.