Want Your Ex Back?

Do you really want to get back together with you ex? Even when chat online with another girl? This is a question you have to ask yourself before you try to get back together with your ex, because if you get back together with them and you are not happy you will end up breaking up again! That’s not something anyone wants. One break-up is enough!

Sometimes you may think you want to get back together with your ex but you are being tricked! This includes when you:

  • Remember the good memories and forget the bad.
  • Start to feel lonely and just want company.
  • Start to want to feel comfortable again like you did with your ex.

These are not reasons that you should get back together with your ex. These are the reasons that will lead to another break-up after you get back together.

Especially if the relationship was bad or abusive in some way. You don’t want to jump back into a bad relationship just because you are lonely or uncomfortable.

That would be pointless!

Reasons you should get back together with your ex are:

  • You realize you truly love them.
  • You feel as though you made a great couple and can overcome your issues.
  • You are willing to work on your relationship and make it into a successful relationship.
  • You want to change into a better partner for your ex.
  • How NOT To Get Back Together With Your Ex

Don’t start to stalk your ex! You don’t want to be calling them 12 hours a day and bugging them to take you back. This will not work. If you are constantly trying to contact your ex than they will start to feel as though you are desperate and you will find they move further away from you rather than closer to you. This is not what you want.

Avoid arguing with your ex about your past relationship. Avoid pleading and begging for another shot at a relationship. You will regret what you say to them and it will cause more problems. You will have a hard time fixing the relationship after you do these things.

How You CAN Start Working on Getting Back Together With Your Ex

Let the past be the past and instead focus on the present.

Back off and give you both some time to heal and think clearly. You both will get a chance to miss each other  and become separate independent people. This is a good thing! Once you do that you will be able to see your relationship more clearly and where you, and them, went wrong. It will be easier to act rationally and save your relationship.

And as a added bonus you will find that your life feels happier, You’ll also be helping yourself to live a happier, more fulfilling life too.